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Mr. Claus.  I came to live here with my two sisters Evelyn and Maria 11 years ago.  Our mother was dropped off at a farm, extremely pregnant and penniless, and with no husband in sight. I never minded that – pfui, men are overrated.  Oops, sorry, you are a man, I forgot.  Scratch that.  (ha ha, get the pun!). Anyhow, this past year Evelyn, who had heart troubles, passed away.  Maria and I were very sad although Evelyn was always the most beautiful, the most elegant, the cleanest, the most … you get the picture. Still, envy has no place when it comes to sisters.  I guess.

We do miss her. Now, Maria and I spend our time working on annoying people (and sometimes annoying the indoor cats Hopkins and Muffin).  We meow loudly, asking the humans to open the door to let us in, and they we meow loudly again, asking them to open the door to let us out.  Sometimes we have it coordinated so that one zooms in and the other zooms out, exactly at the same time.

We have a nice place called “the tree house” where we can sample various foods and watch the farm’s activities.  But we also like to come into the house and climb up the ladder to the loft.  I am the most athletic, dare I say. And while I love the loft, I do believe that a wall shelf placed just so would allow me to look down and supervise all the indoor activities.  Here it is!  https://tinyurl.com/shelf-for-tabitha

Well, you might wonder why I would ask for this next gift since I can go outside and scratch on anything I please any time (I particularly like scratching on Farmer Anne’s professional shearing mats). But these cat scratchers have something really special: https://tinyurl.com/cat-scratcher-for-tabitha  Could be the catnip, but I think it’s because cat-loving engineers have spent thousands of hours designing just exactly the right type of material that will please cats, both for our claws and for our beautiful delicate paws.

The truth is, Santa, that I don’t really need much else so I will let my friends on the farm ask you for the bigger items. We do need some bigger items, and that’s a fact! You can see what they’ve asked for here:  https://santa.stargazingfarm.org/wishlist/

Really, what I’d like the most is a lovely cat-loving sponsor!  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/tabitha/

I’m including a glamour shot for you so you can appreciate the beautiful features of a fine feline!

Very sincerely yours,

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841