About the Sanctuary

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Animals at the barn in winter

Star Gazing Farm was started in 2002 as a farm animal sanctuary. Located on 4 acres of rolling hills in Western Montgomery County, Maryland, Star Gazing Farm takes in abused, stray, and unwanted farm animals in need and provides them with a permanent home. Farm animals are every bit as affectionate, interesting, and in need of loving care as other domestic animals and there is a real need in our community for more compassionate farm animal care.

Star Gazing Farm is a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

What do we do?

Sanctuary and Animal Rescue

  1. We provide permanent sanctuary to abused, stray, and unwanted farm animals.
  2. We coordinate networking amongst small farmers, sanctuaries, and animal control agencies in the mid-Atlantic region to place abused, stray, and unwanted farm animals in responsible farm homes.
  3. We teach children and young adults humane care of farm animals and help them build physical and moral strength through actual hands-on farm work. 
  4. We offer hands-on classes and demonstrations of the humane care of sheep and how to shear, wash, card, and spin the wool they grow.
  5. We invite people from this largely urban and suburban community to visit and volunteer at the farm, to befriend the sanctuary’s residents, and to develop greater compassion for farm animals.