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MamieMy Santa Santa,

I got to meet you yesterday in person and it was truly the highlight of my year. You had so many visitors, you might not remember all that I asked for – the little things are listed in my letter here, but the main item was a week’s trip to Paris. I’d like to go shopping on the Rue de Rivoli.  I’m a very stylish dog and it’s time to update my wardrobe.

Please let me address an issue brought up by my colleague Nicole a few days ago. She not only called me rude, she indicated that I smell bad. I’m sure she is referring to my Hermès perfume, nothing more. Some dogs just don’t have the nose for fine French perfume. My feelings were hurt, of course, by her so openly trying to besmirch my name, but I am a lady and ladies do not call other ladies names. She is, however, a “farm dog” so what do you expect?

Dear Santa, being a lady I have the desire to keep a better house. I cannot help that dogs go in and out and cats go in and out, dragging in all sorts of the nasty outside in with them. But I can work on better housekeeping.  Here is my first wish: a combination trash/recycle bin for our farm office. Our current trash bin is plastic and has been chewed on quite a bit. By whom, I could not say…. I also want to encourage the young volunteers to recycle their drink cans and bottles, and this will be wonderful for that.

Next on the list of tidiness improving presents is a Chom Chom.  I do love Jethro, but he sheds all the time, year round.  He came here bald and now he can’t seem to stop growing hair.  This brush will help even more than a vacuum in getting up all the hair that sticks to our nice rugs and sofas. https://tinyurl.com/chom-chom-for-mamie

Now, as I said, the dogs drag in all kinds of things into the house all the time (not me, I have very dainty paws) and so our floors are constantly yucky.  I will admit that the volunteers probably bring some mud in with them, too, but they are working, unlike the OTHER DOGS here.  Anyhow, our shark mop died last week.  We loved that mop and it was fast and made my feetsies feel so lovely walking on the clean floors.  We had the Sonic Duo but it seems they don’t make it any more.  I found this mop and it looks quite nice:  https://tinyurl.com/shark-mop-for-mamie   Do you have any other recommendations?  I’m sure you must keep your toy workshop extra clean, Santa.

Finally, I used to have this really nice anti-anxiety toy that my friend in Minnesota sent me, but then Stephanie stole it and took it outside and now it’s really disgusting.  I like this because I can be busy licking peanut butter off the mat when my mom is on the phone.  I get very anxious when she is on the phone.  The mat helps calm me down until she can pay attention to me again.  https://tinyurl.com/toy-for-mamie

Could I please get a sponsor this year?  I’m really a very very cute dog.  I don’t bite people anymore.  I run around in circles and jump up with joy, and I’m a really good swimmer.  I’d make a wonderful new friend for someone, I think.  They can come visit me and run around with me. https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/mamie/

Oh Santa, please come back next year!  You are so cute and round and ho-ho-ho funny.

Love and kisses,