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Oh Santa,  I’m nothing if not patient.  It’s true, when I was little I used to sneak up on people and headbutt them, but I’m over that phase, thank goodness!   Santa, you know that I was born with crooked knees, and so I walk on my knees.  The efforts to get me a wheelchair have been, in Farmer Anne’s words, a “major kerfuffle”.  Actually she might have used other words.  The one we’ve been waiting for since August has turned out not to work at all so now we have to start all over again.

In the meantime, Santa, I am very lucky to have ladies who come Every Single Day and they powder up my knees and put socks on them (actually they are baby knee pads – how cool is that!?) We go through a lot of powder and a lot of socks (even though we wash them every day, too) so I sure could use some more of both. https://tinyurl.com/powder-for-herbie

So when they were trying to get me set up in the wheelchair that didn’t work (please don’t ask me to talk about it, it’s quite the saga), we found I am, ahem, a little heavy.  It took four people to lift me into it.  How embarassing. But look at these way cool straps!  With these, just two people can get me into my wheelchair (and I KNOW that the new one will be just right).
https://tinyurl.com/shoulder-dolly-for-herbie  AND guess what?  We are also getting a wheelchair for Sarah May, so the two of us can use these straps to get set up in our chairs.

Now, because I don’t use my front hooves, they grow extra long extra fast.  Farmer Anne has a device called a “hoof boss” and it is great for sanding down problem hooves.  We need a disc that is special for goats and sheep!  (Mr. Leo the Goat also has problem hooves, so I’m not alone in this). https://tinyurl.com/hoof-tool-for-herbie

Now!!  There is an ornament in the gift shop with my name on it!  Yes!  You can have a Herbie ornament on your tree or hanging on your computer or maybe just in your kitchen. I think they are almost running out, so hurry!!

Santa dearest, as you know I’m a very very sweet sheep.  Well, maybe not when it comes to mealtime.  (Madison said I’m a little pushy, and Sheila Louise said she is the one with Queen Bossy Sheep title.)  Would you send me a sponsor?  Someone who will be delighted to look at my photo and maybe come to visit me and give me massages?  I love massages – in fact, all sheep do, but me especially! Oh thank you Santa for your kindness and for working in this awful, cold, wet weather.


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