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MuffinDear Mister Santa. My name is Muffin.  I am a cat. I don’t know how to write a letter, but Hopkins is whispering some instructions to me.  (I’m not really crazy about Hopkins and I think the feeling is mutual.)  So I heard him saying to Maria, “listen, let’s have the new girl write to Santa.  We can have her ask for ALL KINDS of cool stuff, and then when it comes, we can use it ourselves.”  Typical. Yes, Santa, this is my very first time to write you a letter, but I promise you that if you send me gifts, I won’t share them with Hopkins.  I mean, unless you think I should?  Oh how confusing this generosity of the season thing is.  Sigh.

Santa, my story is a sad one of being left at the animal shelter, then adopted by the sweetest woman you could ever meet, but then losing her when she died. It is very hard for a pet to outlive their human.

OK, Hopkins is telling me I need to give you a list. Hang on.  Ah, OK, a list of things that I might need.  It’s true, I came to this new home without any luggage at all.  I even had to get used to sharing my litterbox with a boy cat. Eww.  I know that no matter how many litterboxes they put out he will also have to pee in each and every one of them, so I won’t bother asking for my own box.  But here is something I would truly like: my very own bed.  There is a radiator heater in the hall, and sometimes I’ll sleep on one side and Hopkins will sleep on the other (and THAT is as close as we are ever going to get).  We like warmth.  But we sleep on the floor.  A bed would make it so much nicer.  https://tinyurl.com/cat-bed-for-muffin  I like the purplish color – I think it will go very nice with my tricolor look.  All right, I cannot make this Hopkins character shut up.  He is shouting that he needs his own bed, too (but you’d better make it a bigger one, because he’s really fat.  And black, since he is a black cat and he fancies himself to be elegant.) https://tinyurl.com/cat-bed-for-hopkins

Now that I’ve done my duty for him, may I ask you please for this amazing shelf that can be put on the wall?  I’m very good at jumping, since I’ve kept myself in shape all these years (unlike SOME cats I know).  I’d love to be up high and look down on all the humans from my perch.  https://tinyurl.com/cat-shelf-for-muffin

Last year some very nice person sent Hopkins a whole bunch of these scratching boards.  Both of us LOVE them. But they’re pretty much used up now, since we scratch a lot.  Could we please have some more? https://tinyurl.com/scratching-board-for-muffin

So the word is that if I ask nicely, someone might sponsor me. That means there would be a little extra money for me to buy toys or treats, and also that I might meet another person with a soft lap.  By the way, I read about a man who goes to a sanctuary every day to take naps with the cats.  That sounds like a fine idea to me! Perhaps you can find me also a sponsor who likes to nap. I’m an excellent napper.  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/sponsor-muffin/

Oops, got to go now, got some cat business to attend to.  Thank you Santa!

Yours truly, Muffin

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841