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brandyDear Dear Santa!

I’m a big, fuzzy, very sweet cow.  I also happen to have the most beauuuuutiful moo.   I’m just so grateful that I’ve gotten to stay at this farm as long as I have. Before, I was moved from farm to farm to farm.  I want to keep staying here.  Can you make sure of that, Santa?

I have two very nice friends: Petey and Carmen.  We follow each other around, but I also really love it when the sheep come into our pasture to graze.  My very first friend in my life was a sheep named Boo.  She died of a broken heart when they separated us at a farm and so now I make it my business to be kind to every single sheep I meet, because I truly loved Boo and I think sheep are my totem animal.

Santa, I’m an older gal, and so I spend a lot of time watching and observing. It’s really fun to see the young volunteers moving so fast and doing such hard work.  Now, we have many large, heavy gates on the farm, and when they are equipped with wheels, they can open, zoom, just like that, so smoothly!  But, gates without a wheel often stick in the ground.  I see the volunteers huffing and puffing and lifting up the gate and saying awfully naughty words. We like gate wheels and could use one or two more.  I’d like to help those nice young volunteers. And the older ones, too.

I feel kind of creaky these days, Santa.  You probably know the feeling – you wake up and you think, oh my, everything aches and I needs a good massage!  Well, I do love massages, but what I’d like to ask for is this really wonderful natural joint supplement – it helps with inflammation and is completely safe for cows.

BrandyAlso, did you know that we cows need minerals and salt?  We are very smart about what our bodies need and so we lick the minerals and the salt blocks when our bodies tell us to.  These loose minerals would be very good for me:  and all of us absolutely adore these Himalayan salt licks!

You can’t imagine how tickled I am when someone comes to the farm and says, “I want to sponsor that big, beautiful, black, bodacious cow!”  Petey has a way of hogging the attention, but I am sweet and mellow and can be a good friend to my sponsors.  Here is a link where people can sponsor me.

I do hope that you are also taking your vitamins.  Make sure you do some yoga every day.  Yoga has definitely helped me!

Thank you for how hard you work this time of year, Santa, and greetings to Mrs. Claus.

Your old friend,