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Dear Santa,

I’m Davey (otherwise known as “Davey-Doo”) and I’m new here.  I’m a Boer goat but I’m really small for my age (I’m 8 months old!).  Now, Santa, you might not know it, but I have a mouth problem. Yes, that’s right.  I can yell just fine when I need more food or attention, but my lower jaw is much smaller than my upper jaw – I was born that way – so I can’t grind hay or hard feed like the other goats do.

Because of this I ended up having to go to the hospital.   While I was there, they shaved my WHOOOLE belly. I’m not used to being naked.  So I really need a good coat for winter.  I like this one:  https://tinyurl.com/coat-for-davey because it goes up the neck (they also shaved my neck – they were shaving fools up there!).  I need the 2xl size and I like pink – it helps my mom find me in the dark!  When it gets really, really cold here and I have to be out helping all the volunteers do their chores, this really good farm jacket would be just the thing: https://tinyurl.com/work-jacket-for-davey Orange and XL! (my dimensions are 24″ long from neck to tail, 33″ around the chest).

After a lot of consulting with my specialist veterinarians (we had many a meeting about this matter), it was decided that I need to live on “hay soup” (hay pellets soaked in water till it all turns to soup).  This is all fine and good, but Santa, sometimes I really miss having a bit of ‘zing’ in my meals.  These mushed vegetables in baby food form would add a lot of nice taste to my soups!  https://tinyurl.com/tasty-food-for-davey

Santa, when I eat my soup I’m a little messy.  I think if I had shallower bowls I would not get my food all over my chin!  What do you think about these bowls, Santa? They are pretty colors!  https://tinyurl.com/bowls-for-davey

Now Santa, I cannot have access to hay or straw, so it’s a little boring for me.  I’m wondering if a little playhouse might be fun?  I don’t know much about playhouses, but maybe you could look around to see what kind of playhouse might be fun for a little 45 pound goatie!

Santa,  I do need sponsors.  I told mom I would help pay back the hospital bill.  She said, “don’t be silly little Davey-doo” but I want to help!  Having sponsors would help me repay the kindness of all the good treatment I received!  People can sponsor me here!  https://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Thank you for reading my letter, Santa!  I hope you get lots and lots of cookies on your travels this year!