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Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Zoe Monster.  A many years ago, when I was young and charming …. two very silly people brought me for boarding and never picked me up. I have had quite the life since then. I’m not as feisty as I used to be (I won the Rabbit Boxing Championships 5 years running).  Now I do like a good quiet pet.  For a while I had the most handsome boyfriend named Giovanni.  He died of cancer and broke my heart.  But Santa, next week I am going speed dating.  Friends of Rabbits has bunny match days and I hope, even though I’m a bit longer in the tooth now (10 years old is ‘mature’ for rabbits), I really hope I will find someone I can snuggle with again.

Santa Claus, my needs are simple.  I would very much like a new and clean litter box.  We rabbits tend to chew on things a lot, including our litter boxes!  This one is nice because it has high sides so I can have a bit of privacy, if you know what I mean:  https://www.chewy.com/frisco-high-sided-cat-litter-box/dp/168284

Also, I just love getting on top of things. I found a few rabbit castles that are so neat!  Maybe you can choose one for me! This one is nice and simple:  https://tinyurl.com/castle-for-zoe  But if I get a boyfriend, we can use this double castle!  https://tinyurl.com/two-tower-castle-for-zoe

Now, these natural forage snacks are enjoyed by ALL of us in the bunny room and boy oh boy, the price is right! https://www.chewy.com/kaytee-food-from-wild-natural-snack/dp/225864

Santa, I’m really a sweet, soft bunny. I would like to spend more time in people’s laps.  Could you please send me a sponsor who will pet and brush me? I’m not at all naughty when I get to sit on the sofa!   https://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Thank you Mr. Claus.  I’m so glad that you come here very year. All the animals are so happy this time of year!

Love from your,

Zoe Monster