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Hi hi Santa!

Mamie here. Santa Santa Santa! I can’t believe Stephanie got to write her letter before me. I’ve always been first in line. I’m so annoyed I’m going to bark at a high pitched squeal all day long so that everyone else around me feels annoyed just like me.

Now, you’re going to pay attention to ME, right? And only me?  I can’t stand it when someone talks to me and then starts talking to someone else.  It makes me squeal and howl and do very naughty things. I Need All The Attention. This has been an eventful year for me, Santa.  I had some health problems.  First, I had a cancerous tumor in my liver – that was removed about a year ago and I did great in my recovery.  But then, oopsie, all those babies I produced at the awful puppy mill somehow caught up to me and I developed my second set of mammary tumors.  I got these removed, too, and was only out of commission a few days.  I’m one strong cookie. Then, my best friend Sam died. Everyone cried so much.  He had cancer, too.  Santa, why do animals get cancer?  I don’t think it’s fair. THEN, Farmer Anne brought home this wild hyena – name of  Stephanie, Anatolian shepherd.  Supposed to be a working dog but I don’t see her doing a lick of work.  She chews on squeaky toys all day, steals my bones, and howls if no one pays attention to her.  Some people say she’s just like me but I resent the comparison!  I’m a cattle dog.  I’m entitled.

Anyhoo, I’m thinking I need some new hobbies. I started sheep herding school two years ago, but then that thing started where everyone stayed home and no one went anywhere and they wore kerchiefs on their faces. It was silly and boring, but also nice because I could snuggle a lot. But I liked it. I was good at it. I think I’d also be very good at agility.  I am like a little rocket, just built a bit like a sausage.  Would you please ask Farmer Anne to take me back to school?


Santa, I know it’s not the season for it, but I just want to put the bug in your ear – do you do summer deliveries?  Because I’m a water girl.  I love my pools.  I coopt them from the geese. We are low on plastic wading pools right now. Maybe you could bring me one in a few months? I know that Stephanie asked for bones.  I like bones, too. But probably because she is So smart and So pretty and So in your face and EVERYONE loves her, she will get a lot of bones in the mail.  It’s ok if I take some for myself, isn’t it?

I’m 8 years old now, and I get this little chewy tablet every night called Dasuquin   It helps my joints feel good.  I’m an active dog (“motion is lotion”), but still, I want to be in great shape when I’m twice this age!

In case you haven’t noticed, all of us animals are trying to be more healthy and make those so-called “smart choices”.  Well, so I have found that sardines are incredibly good for dogs.  And you KNOW how smelly they are – just our style.  We get a few sardines as food supplement and everyone loves them. So could you send me some sardines (packed in water)?  And speaking of fish, this is SO tasty and so good for us:

Now, Santa, I may have had sponsors in the past, but the past is the past and now is now.  So I really do need a sponsor. – I will be utterly charming to them. No really, I promise!

OK, bye bye,