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My dear kind Santa Claus,

Yet another year has passed, and I’m so honored to write my annual “Dear Santa” letter to you. You have been good and kind to this aging pig, and by now I think you know me a little better. I’m a good pig. Really good. I am handsome and decorative, friendly to strangers who come to the farm wanting to experience the “rub a pig belly” thing, I always clean my plate at dinner, and I’m nice to all the animals.

Except sometimes I might steal some of Milo’s food. Just once in a while. He just stands there and watches me eat it. It’s the darndest thing.

My dear Santa, as a “middle aged” pig (we don’t use the word “senior” around here), I find that my skin gets dry in the winter. In the past, the chefs have prepared my food with some of this nice skin supplement https://www.chewy.com/manna-pro-mini-pig-skin-coat-powder/dp/202051 in it. We ran out of it just a week or two ago and already I feel the difference! Might you please send some more along? I’ll even ask the chefs to add some to Hazel’s and George’s food, even though they are “upper barn” pigs and I’m a “lower barn” pig – we don’t mix, don’t you know.

As you can see in the photo, I am terribly fond of the Working Livestock Guardian dog house. They only ask me to use it once in a while, so mostly I can stay in there rent free. It’s my favorite place to be during the day. There is just one problem: the bed got chewed up by someone. I think it was probably Stephanie. She gnaws on everything. Anyhow, in my perusing the Internet (I like to do that of an evening, you see), I found two very satisfactory looking beds. This one https://www.chewy.com/furhaven-terry-deluxe-memory-foam/dp/292183 (t’s a bit pricey though) and this one https://www.chewy.com/furhaven-nap-ultra-plush-orthopedic/dp/138762 (this one looks really comfy, too. I require a bed because we “mature” pigs like a bit of padding when we do a lie down.

Now, I do enjoy a biscuit or two with my tea – could you possibly think to include these in my package? https://tinyurl.com/pig-treats-for-waldo

And of course, Santa, as kind as you are, I only get to see you once a year. Sometimes I sleep through your arrival, ever so disappointing. A sponsor who would send me presents and come to visit me during the year would be most heartily welcomed! https://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Cordially yours ever,

Waldo the pig