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Well now Santa, how de do?

My name is Herman and many people don’t even know me because I’m a shy guy.  I came to this farm because my owners planned to send me to the butcher because my wool didn’t grow long anymore, but my current mom had known me for many years and said “no, no, not Herman!”

So I came to this farm to live out my life and Pippa came along for the ride, too.  I’m 12 years old and Pippa is 16.  We are Border Leicester sheep and we have very cute curls all over our bodies.  I’ve been here two years now – it’s a good place. Lots to eat and good friends.  I’m not crazy about that new dog Stephanie, and sometimes the horses crowd the barn stall too much (that’s my hangout) but you can’t have it all, right Santa? Herman and Pippa

Now, just between you and me, Pippa has been a bit of a pushy sheep this year.  What?  I’m not supposed to tell on my friends?  OK, never mind then.  Well, *I* have been a good boy, although I don’t always listen when it’s dinner time and I end up outside the sheep pen where I can snarf some of the better stuff.  You would do the same, wouldn’t you Santa?  You and me, we are very fond of eating!

So I’ve been here 2 years now and have never had the chance to write you a letter and ask for stuff.  Everyone tells me we can ask you for stuff! Santa, what I want more than anything in the world is a new cornhusk broom or two.  No, not to eat.  It’s because I really like napping in the barn corridor, and that is where everyone seems to want to poop.  The volunteers are great and they sweep it all up, but the brooms we have now are worn out.  I mean, they are tired, sad old wimpy type brooms.  There are lots of good brooms out there.  We need the really strong types!  Nothing subtle about the brooms we need, we need kick-a$$ brooms that can get all those poopie pellets out of my way.  Just as an aside, do you  know how uncomfortable it is to lie down on poop pellets?  Anyhow, here is a very good broom https://tinyurl.com/broom-for-herman, but if your elves know of someone else who makes good brooms, we are not brand loyal  (at least when it comes to cleaning!)

So Santa, did you know that sheep like to have different types of supplements?  We like to lick baking soda https://tinyurl.com/baking-soda-for-herman (it helps with our tummies) and kelp (lots of good minerals). https://tinyurl.com/kelp-for-sheep  This mineral feeder would be so nice and would keep our minerals tidy and off the ground (I asked the other sheep and they said they like green or blue).  https://tinyurl.com/mineral-feeder-for-herman

I don’t know if anyone has ever sponsored me.  As I said, I’m kind of a shy guy but I surely would like to have a person who really wanted to be my special friend.  https://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Santa, thank you for helping Miss Anne advocate for me so that I could come out to this farm and live the rest of my life.