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Little Vinnie

Heya Santa, what’s goin’ on?

Vinnie here (if they don’t stop calling me “Little Vinnie” we’re gonna have a problem, jes sayin). So Santa, seriously, I’m a good goat. I’ve been good all year.  I haven’t broken into any cars, haven’t been in the house once, didn’t eat any mail, and haven’t gotten a good head-butt in anywhere (geez, I’m sounding kinda lame here).  In fact, I sort of blend into the woodwork and I don’t know why because I am for real the handsomest goat here. I guess I’m kinda shy, but this is how I sees it:  lately I’ve been helping out Yuki with some companionship (nothing serious, she’s got a thing for the dog… don’t ask) but she’s good company and she has an “in” with the farmer for after dinner cookies.  So I hangs out with her, and she and me, we get treats at the back door.  It’s helping me get over my shyness and now I’ll even let the farmer give me hugs. But I draw the line at kisses, ok?

So seein’ as how I’m such a good fella, how’s about sending some more treats?  I’ll share, honest I will!  And hey, I heard Rudy the guinea pig was askin for some healthy stuff, so I’ll ask for these super healthy probios treats – good for the gut!  Now, you may not know this, but goats are kind of a pushy bunch.  We all get our breakfast and dinner group-style.  This doesn’t work that great for us, ya see, because we don’t share nicely.  We have one big bowl but we need one or two more so that there aren’t any more mealtime scuffles.  I kinda like the blue color best, but Yuki said she likes purple, and Falkor likes the orange.

Santa, my biggest wish this year is to please have my name changed from Little Vinnie to just Vinnie. Or Vin.  Or  Vinnie the Squeak (that’s  my street name). Or the best, Vicente. My ma was Italian.

And also, could I please have some sponsors?  Like nobody comes over here just to see me. Oh yeah, they visit the dog and the donkey and the cat but this goat? Nah, nothing, nix. I need a special friend of my own, yo Mr. Santa.  Please.

You be cool, Santa, see ya soon I hope!