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Dear Mr. Claus,

So nice to be in touch with you again!  This is Waldo, the potbellied pig.  You are Santa, the potbellied Mr. Claus!  Since you live at the North Pole, do you find that the cold makes your skin dry?  I do. Even though I live in Maryland, my skin gets so uncomfortable with the colder weather. You may not know, but I am semi-retired now and so I have a lot of time to browse the Internet.  Here are a few things that I believe will help my itchy, uncomfortable dry skin in the winter:  A lovely salmon oil supplement we pigs LOVE salmon: https://tinyurl.com/salmon-oil-for-waldo I can also share this with the dogs.  It’s good for them, too!

And this skin spray looks so refreshing.  https://tinyurl.com/skin-spray-for-waldo Sometimes my feet even crack with the dryness – does that happen to you?  Farmer Anne said her thumbs always crack in the winter and it’s quite painful.  She said if you send her this cream, she’ll also share it with me.  https://tinyurl.com/working-hands-for-waldo  We’re very cooperative that way.

Mr. Claus, may I offer a brief lesson on pig anatomy?  We are solid and built a little bit like 200 pound bullets.  We aren’t very flexible, and we cannot use our legs, as dogs do, to control our bowls or to do much of anything except wander happily around the farm.  We DO have large and very flexible snouts (did you know pigs can do calisthenics with their noses?  No seriously, it’s true).  But when we eat, it’s no good at all to have a bowl with corners because simply can’t reach there and then we miss out on tasty bits.  If we could have some of these very nice rounded-bottom bowls (40 oz) that have grips on the bottom, we can surely lick our plates clean! https://tinyurl.com/bowls-for-waldo We can also use them for water.  Water buckets are simply no good at all for us – we can only reach them enough to tip them over.  These bowls will ensure we have fresh water all the time!

Santa, you know we have a program here where people can sponsor an animal they particularly like. We love this – it helps with the feed budget but more importantly, it makes us feel important. Would you send me a sponsor?  I promise they’ll get a very flattering photo of me along with my story.  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/waldo/

It’s been very nice writing to you, Mr. Claus, and I wish you and Mrs. Claus a lovely and happy holiday season.


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841


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