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Ruth and Ernie

Yo there Mr. Claus!

I’m Ruth and this here on the left is my sidekick Ernie.  You can see that he’s pretty much enamored of me, right?  He needs to keep it that way.  I’m a seriously bodacious bunny and I can stare anyone down.  You got any doubts, check out my photo. Yeah, that’s me, looking right at you.  Got it?

I was a street rabbit for a while, so I know my way around goons and thugs and general rabbit haters. It’s cool to be indoors now, but I can take care of myself, don’t you even doubt it. Ask anyone I’ve taken a bite out of when they did something I had said a definite NO to. Like messing with my bed, or trying to get ahold of my feet to do my nails.  Don’t touch my feet. No, I mean it, no joke, no toucha-da-feet.

Now Santa. You know that we sometimes have to share our spaces with boarding bunnies. Yeah, it’s not bad.  After I caught Ernie eyeing that little Lionhead bunny (hussy) I had to straighten him out, but we’re good now. Hmph. Well the thing is, sometimes we need a bit more space when those motel guests are here.  And even when they’re not, a few more horizontal options would be terrific.

Check out this Party Deck! https://www.petwerks.com/products/bunny-abode-party-deck-for-48-inch-condo It opens up a whole new possibility for viewing and hopping. We could use two, please.

I also found this extremely cool thing – a ramp that goes from the second floor.  Oh. My. Gosh. https://www.petwerks.com/products/second-floor-front-door-ramp

It means even if someone is using our lower level, we can still go out and get our exercise (but I’m telling you, that Ernie needs to keep his roaming eyes under control).

We are all about multiple levels, staircases, ramps; shoot, if they built us a circular staircase to the ceiling we’d be up there in a flash.

Other thing is this: we like to eat anything that is green.  Fresh, dried, don’t matter one bit. ANYTHING from Rosewood Naturals is something we would enjoy. We do very much like this dried salad: https://tinyurl.com/salad-treats-for-ruth

But seriously, Santa-man, you can surprise us.  We love what you’d call Cul-i-nary surprises.

So I don’t think anyone has sponsored me in a while – if they pay the farm some amount of money (really, I don’t keep track of stuff like that) they will get some info about me and my fascinating life, a photo, AND they can come visit. So long as they keep away from my feet, we be good.  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/ruth/

Alright, thanks for reading my letter such as it is, my man Santa. See ya next Saturday at the farm!