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Hi Hi Hi Santie Claus!  My name is Rudy.  I’m a pretty old guinea pig, but I’m still kicking the gong around, yes I am!

Roger and RudyI’ve been very very good this year, Santie Claus. I’ve been really nice to my best friend Roger (here is a picture of the two of us) and I always share my dishes with him. I squeak sometimes to let people know I’m still alive (well, I’d squeak anyhow, but you know how it gets – there you are, taking a delicious afternoon nap, and WHAM a loud voice shouts, “RUDY!!! RUDY! Are you ok?”  Yessireebob, it gets old).

Anyhow, here is my first request:  our nail clippers have seen better days.  Farmer Anne said they were “icky” and I think she really meant it.  These look like good ones.  Never mind they say they’re for cats.  They will be good for me, too.  And maybe I’ll share with Hopkins. I like Hopkins (he’s a cat). He purrs a lot, and he’s kind of fat and jolly, like you.  https://tinyurl.com/nail-clippers-for-rudy

You know we geezers love to talk about our health!  How is your health, Santie?  I heard you were thinking about a Caribbean vacation for the new year.  Now, I think that sounds grand!  East or west?  Me, I personally prefer the islands right off Miami but that’s because I don’t like to fly too often.

But back to me.  My digestion has slowed down a bit, and so I need two things to help me out.  One is this very yummy herbal remedy https://tinyurl.com/critical-care-for-rudy and another is a probiotic that will keep things hopping in my belly. https://tinyurl.com/bene-bac-for-rudy

Can I ask for one more thing? Please? I’d like a litter pan that has a short entrance so I don’t have to jump up into our pan. This one looks very nice, and it’s such a pretty color, plus the opening is on the side so it will fit into our pen perfectly. https://tinyurl.com/lavender-box-for-rudy

You know I don’t really have a lot of sponsors.  It’s hard when you’re really little and can only squeak to grab the attention of people.  But I really would like one. Look!  I have my very own page for sponsorship!

Oh Santie, I wish I could go with you on vacation!  I just love those fruity drinks with the umbrellas in them.  But at least I’ll get to see you for Christmas!

Love, Rudy

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