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Ho ho ho to you Santa Claus!  How nice to be writing to you, although I have a bit of a complaint to make:  last year you said you would make me the honorary “Sheepie Santa Claus” since I am roly poly like you. What happened? Did you lose my phone number?

Well Santa, in the five years I’ve lived at this farm (nearly my whole life!) I have made so many amazing friends. I just love all my friends. Mostly sheep, to be honest.  I’m a bit prejudiced that way. I mean, the horse is pretty cool and I can barrel my way through the llamas, but those goats…. I don’t know about goats. I’m a little bit anti-goatist, frankly. I hope that won’t count against me in the presents department!

When I came here I was a bit awkward.  People said I was “slow”. I say I was just a late bloomer. I’m such an awesome and friendly sheep – when visitors come I just walk right up to them and introduce myself and start telling them about my farm.

Now, I’m a Texel sheep and we do tend towards being, ah, shall we say, full-figured? Basically we’re built like tanks. I only eat hay, but I still am a big fella. I’m thinking it would be good to be able to weigh myself regularly.  You can weigh yourself, too, Santa, when you come to visit.  We could do weight watchers together. What do you think? Anyhow, we really need this scale because a lot of the animals need to get weighed, especially the dogs when the vet comes.  Look, I’ll even share it with some of the goats.  Maybe not Falkor, though. Actually, definitely not Falkor.  https://tinyurl.com/scale-for-ricardo

Now we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about food.  Well not exactly food, but salt and minerals!  Everyone loves these Himalayan salt blocks! https://tinyurl.com/salt-blocks-for-ricardo  We lick and lick them and they make us feel so good and healthy! We need a lot because we lick them a lot!

We also love baking soda.  It’s a thing for sheep and goats. Our bodies know exactly what we need, and when we have a bit too much acid in our bellies, we lick baking soda and it makes us feel all better.  https://tinyurl.com/baking-soda-for-ricardo

We also need all kinds of minerals like sulfar and zinc and iron and a tiny bit of copper:  https://tinyurl.com/minerals-for-ricardo

I might be a big boy but I’m all about good health! Santa, do you eat your fruits and vegetables?  (You’d better not tell me you eat lamb. I’d have to unfriend you or worse.  You don’t want a big sheep like me angry at you.  You know?) Fruits and vegetables are the thing, Ok?  Got it?

I haven’t had a sponsor in a long time.  I’d like one, please. I’m so friendly and I will let people hug and pet me to their heart’s content. But only if they don’t eat lamb. That is a prerequisite. So put that on their application to sponsor me, ok? Thank you Santa!   https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/ricardo/



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For a list of other things our animals have asked you for, you can visit https://santa.stargazingfarm.org/wishlist/