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Ray Ray


Mister Santa,

How nice and wonderful to connect with you again. You remember me, I hope? I’m Ray Ray and I am a sheep, in case you forgot.  I am blind – well, I was born that way. I tilt my head this way and that, and I listen and smell very well, so I can navigate around the farm.  Every once in a while I might bump into something, but mostly that’s when I’m excited about dinner time.

Santa, I just can’t imagine a nicer life. My friend Bubba (who is also a Katahdin sheep – that is a type of hair sheep – we don’t need to be sheared) and I eat our meals together.  Sometimes Pippa joins us, too, although the word is that she’s a double dipper; she starts out in the goat area and then dashes out of there before the gate closes so she can eat our dinner with us.  Isn’t that nice and clever of her?  Well, I like her so it’s OK. Milo the dog always looks out for me. He’s so solemn and quiet but I know he’s there. I love him SOOOO much.

I’m a pretty big sheep now, Mister Santa, so I’m not going to ask for any treats (although I do love them, mmmm, especially ginger snaps and animal crackers).  But my mum told me that sometimes people drive too fast up and down the driveway. She worries about me because I like to hang out in the driveway (I can hear everything going on all around the farm and also the neighborhood!). So I’d like to have two signs that we can put up reminding people to GOOO SLOWWWW.  She said sometimes people don’t read, and I can relate to that, but maybe two signs one right after the other will remind people to watch for me and my friends.

Who sign: https://tinyurl.com/whoa-sign-for-ray
Slow (watch for animals) sign: https://tinyurl.com/slow-sign-for-ray

This is going to seem like a very strange gift request from a blind sheep, but the place where Bubba and I eat is dark at night. In winter we often eat after dark and my waiters sometimes can’t see too well and drop the food in the wrong place. The llamas told me they have the same problem. Hard to get good help nowadays.  But anyhow, lights would surely help them a lot.  Here are two types to choose from (and please, order one for the llamas too):

Battery powered lights (we have two of these at other places around the farm and they work great): https://tinyurl.com/lights-for-ray

Solar powered lights (we’ve never tried these but they sure look good, and no need to change out batteries): https://tinyurl.com/solar-powered-lights-for-ray

Mister Santa, wouldn’t it be nice for a person to sponsor me? I’m a friendly and nice sheep and fun to visit with.  I’ve been told that I’m also quite handsome. Here is a link where someone special can become my friend:  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/ray-ray/

I just want to say one more thing. I hear the word “disabled” sometimes, referring to me and Herbie the three legged sheep. I think that doesn’t sound right.  I’m perfectly abled. I just can’t see. But I have life and food and friends, a soft place to sleep, and people who love me.  Where is the problem? I don’t think there is one.

I love you Mister Santa,

Ray Ray
Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841