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Oh Santa Santa Santa.  I know I should say “I’m sorry”.  I know I should say “I’ve been naughty this year.”  But do I have to?  I mean, I’m also REALLLLY nice.  I kiss people and make their days more cheerful.  People look at me and say, “oh my, isn’t it good that you live here, Petey (and not in my back yard)?”  Would you deprive my cute (if ginormously huge) face of some Santa gifts?  On balance, don’t you think every cow deserves to be treated with love and affection, no matter how many fence boards they break?

Speaking of which … Santa, would you have some people either bring us some more fence boards or send us a gift certificate to Home Depot?  https://tinyurl.com/home-depot-gift-card-for-petey Poor Mr. Dave is always out there fixing things.  Fortunately he really likes me. So we have conversations about fences – breaking them and repairing them.  We have a lot in common, Mr. Dave and I do.

Now Santa, this is a weird winter.  Usually me and the other cows get to hang out in the upper pasture (and blow raspberries at the others, since it’s the most popular place and everyone wants to spend all their time there). But in that pasture they have started putting in the stone pad, and water and electricity for the new barn. They said, “no cows allowed.”  “The cows will ruin it all.”   “All that grading will get torn to pieces.”  True as those statements may be, we do miss the upper pasture.  But, for the moment we are staying in the alpaca barn. It’s a great barn! And we have poop parties every night. But we really need that new barn to be built because we are annoying the camelids.  At least that’s what Pepper said.  She never minces her words.

Here’s the thing: we just don’t have enough money to pay for the construction. https://www.stargazingfarm.org/barnraising/  It was supposed to cost between $20K and $25K (and we raised the money!!) but all the prices have gone up and not it’s going to cost nearly $60,000.  It’s supposed to be for the Big Animals (that would be me). And maybe part of it for the disabled and old guys. Please, can you find some animal-loving people who would like to be part of this AMAZING PROJECT (and write a check directly to go to the barn)!?

Well now, let’s talk about winter, shall we? Winter means cold and mud. Winter means hanging out in the barn (and this winter it’s the alpaca barn!). We have two heat lamps in there, but one is very stupid (Farmer Anne’s words) and almost impossible to open up to change bulbs.  She said she’ll move it to somewhere where a “big old buffoon of a cow” won’t keep bumping into it (was she referring to Carmen?!).  This type of heat lamp is very sturdy and really helps all of us stay cozy at night:  https://tinyurl.com/heat-lamp-for-petey

Ahhmm, I guess we’ll also need some bulbs too.  https://tinyurl.com/heatlamp-bulbs-for-petey

Santa, I’m so glad that little Wilbur came to live here this year and that the hospital was able to fix him up.  Everybody loves him, and he shares his food with me, so I love him too.  But Wilbur has gotten a lot of sponsorships and while I may have a relatively thick skin and don’t tend towards jealousy…  I’m going to start feeling somewhat blue if someone doesn’t sponsor me for the season.  I do really love my sponsors!  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/petey/

Thank you Santa, I’m so glad for you and Mrs. Santa and the elves!

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