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My Santa dearest,

As a girl gets older, she becomes more preoccupied with her appearance.  At least I do.  I was once on the streets with my friend Henry.  We just wandered around, because the place we had lived before was so awful, we had to escape.  In those days all I cared about was finding food and taking care of Henry. But now I am settled at this nice farm and I have the luxury of looking in the mirror and Santa — I’m not liking what I see.  I need a total makeover.

You might well say, “well, Nicole, why don’t you go to a groomer?” Santa, I will not ride in cars.  I only go where my legs propel me and that is NOT into a car. Period. So I’ll have to receive my spa treatments here.

For starters, I need my eyes cleaned up – I get little goopies in there sometimes and they stain my beautiful white face.  This will help ever so much. https://tinyurl.com/eye-wipes-for-nicole

Next, oh my gracious, I truly need a bath.  I know there will be quite a scuffle to get me into the tub, but I don’t smell good at all. Plus I’ve collected quite a lot of grit and dirt and possibly pieces of horse manure (?!) on my fur.  It’s simply disgraceful. Look at this elegant tool thing the German Shepherd rescue people told me about.  A massage at the same time as getting clean – heavenly! https://tinyurl.com/bath-brush-for-nicole

To finish things off, Santa, I have trouble with hair tangles.  That’s because my hair is so fine and feminine, but it gets stuck in knots.  Sometimes they have to be cut out.  These clippers would do the trick (scissors are too risky – my skin is thin and could get cut and that would be a most unfortunate event).  https://tinyurl.com/small-clippers-for-nicole

Dearest Santa, I know all this sounds rather vain, but it’s for the good of everyone. They will enjoy hugging me more when I smell sweet, and I might possibly even share the soapie brush with Mamie who, aside from being THE rudest dog I’ve ever encountered, does not smell good at all.  Ha, there, I’ve said it.

Shall we also encourage some sponsors to come forward for me? I’d love that and in my new and clean-smelling state, I expect people will be more likely to want to come and visit me.

Thanks ever so much,

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841