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My dear dear Santa,

Another year has passed, and I expect you have gotten no older at all because you are timeless.  I, however, have aged just a bit more. I think I am a nicer dog than I used to be and isn’t that grand?  I’m so much more tolerant of that nutty dog Mamie, and I actually love it when I am hugged by humans, whereas I used to totally distrust them.

I have a habit, Santa, of going out during the day and rolling around in the barns, and then wanting to come inside the house at night.  It’s been brought to my attention that I tend to bring in quite a large quantity of pine shavings and smelly straw from the barns straight into the house. I would gladly clean up after myself, but I’m so much happier just going right to sleep instead.  I’m thinking there is at least one human who would be very happy to have a better broom to sweep up after the trail I leave behind …. https://tinyurl.com/broom-for-nicole

Santa, I’m getting up there in age, and can I just say I’m so grateful that you have seen me through my transition from a very badly treated dog to a dog confined in the animal shelter to a dog who has this life of freedom on a farm. You are always there, Santa.

During the day I find it quite pleasant to take naps in the outside dog house.  I have to share it with Waldo the pig, but that’s OK as he is quite polite, as pigs go. However, he has chewed up quite a bit of the bed that is currently inside the house and it’s dusty and overall pretty darned gross.  The two of us would be so glad for a fresh new and comfy bed! https://tinyurl.com/dog-bed-for-nicole

Santa, can I just say this to you plainly? I need a bath. My hair is just impossible. Brushing doesn’t help, conditioning doesn’t help … My mom is a sheep shearer but she’s clueless about dog grooming (sorry, please don’t tell her I said that).  Look, between you me and the lamppost I need a professional mobile groomer who can come here and give me a proper bath and grooming. I’d really like to smell nice and I have heard that everyone who lives with me would also like for me to smell nice. Can you please find a mobile groomer who is willing to bathe a full-figured girl like me?

Finally, if you could find one or two people who would like to sponsor me, that would delight me no end! https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/nicole/

Santa Claus, I just can’t wait to see you this coming weekend, and I know all the animals here are so glad that you actually read our letters every year.  It means a lot.  There are an awful lot of animals out there who don’t have a voice, and I hope that somehow you will find your way to help them, too.

Santa I love you so much and I’m grateful for every day of comfort and love and good food that is given to me.


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841