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Santa, this is my first winter actually spent on a farm.  I need for you to know that I am NOT a silly goose, nor have I ever been.  You may be used to the utter silliness of the geese on this farm (for which I do not fault them, after all, they are, indeed, silly), but I am what most people would call a sensible goose.  Perhaps even a smart goose.  Maybe, possibly, a brilliant goose.

For the last few years I have been survived on my own at a pond where the wild geese come in spring and summer, but then leave in winter, making me alone and sad.  I liked swimming every day, and people would come by to see me, so it was bittersweet for me to leave, but here I am kept safe. I have both goose and duck friends year-round (most of them silly, except Virgil the duck, who is just weird), and I get really nice meals!  I’m grateful to the people who rescued me because eventually I was either going to starve or get eaten by a fox.  Neither option seemed particularly good!  I was called “Nanny goose” but that seemed too stuffy for me, so here I am named after a Hollywood star, Nanette.  Sometimes they also call me “Ninotchka” (Greta Garbo was so gorgeous in that movie.  I hope I am also that gorgeous).

Me (on the back left) and the goose gang

Now Santa, there is talk of putting in a proper pond here at the farm, but it will have to wait until spring.  In the meantime, I go down to the pasture and swim in the creek with the “bad geese” during the day.  At night I am locked up with Wally and the ducks (sounds like a rock band, right?).  Santa, our pool just busted.  It was a cheap walmart pool.  Look at this amazing pool and tell me what you think?  I actually like to sleep in the water!  https://tinyurl.com/pool-for-nanette

Santa, let’s talk about our favorite subject: food!  I get nice food here, but I’d like some variety with treats and also fresh greens.  People are welcome to bring me fresh greens when they visit (like chopped carrot tops, parsley, lettuce, and cabbage), but here are some easy-to-send dried treats!



Santa, I’m a shy girl, but if you pick me up I will rub my very very soft neck under your chin and you will be delighted to hold me in your arms.  I’ve come a long way from being “that goose on the pond.”

When I was alone on the pond

Much love,

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841