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Hello Mr. Claus,

My name is Miriam, but you can call me Mia.  I’m an Angora goat and I’m 15 years old.  I’m new at this farm and came here with my cousins Isaac and Saul.  Santa, just between you, me and the lamppost, we are not entirely into the whole Christmas thing.  We celebrate a beautiful time called Hanukkah.  You say you’ve heard of it? Wonderful!  But whatever, everyone tells me you are a non-denominational guy, so we’re good. Yes?

Mr. Claus, I know I have only been here a few months, but I must lodge a complaint. I’m a practical goat and just so you know, I might be smaller in stature than my cousins but I’ve always been the boss.  Santa we have a serious scissors problem.  People put them in the barn, and the next minute they are gone.  Poof. It’s ridiculous.  I’ve never seen such poor houskeeping in my entire life. Well, I intend to change that. We need several things to stock our barn:

(1) we need hay twine cutters – no, they are not scissors, but guess what? They were designed for farmers.  Yes. They are specifically made to cut the baling twine off of hay. They also can’t be used for other things so, possibly, no one will make off with them.  https://tinyurl.com/hay-twine-cutter-for-miriam

(2) Some super-heavy duty scissors.  Every farm needs these.  Period. https://tinyurl.com/heavy-duty-scissors-for-miriam

(3) Some regular scissors – I like the colors of these, personally, and the farm office is always running out of scissors so I know they will be very handy. They can also be used for clipping little bits of hair from our faces between shearings. https://tinyurl.com/scissors-for-miriam

Now, Mr. Claus, you may not know this, but Angora goats are particularly susceptible to internal parasites. We come from the dry, rugged mountainous regions of Anatolia so this humid mid-Atlantic weather nonsense is h&!! on our guts. And our hooves. And we have a tendency to get lice.  We’ve got it all.  Anyhow. The best (I won’t say our “favorite” because it tastes terrible) deworming medication is Cydectin.  If you give us some, I promise I’ll share it with the other goats and even the sheep, if I must. https://tinyurl.com/cydectin-for-miriam

I’m so new here, I don’t even have a sponsor yet.  Not one.  Can you imagine? It’s time to fix that, Santa!  Here is my link so people can sign up to sponsor me: https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/sponsor-miriam  I’m really sweet and friendly and will give them a tour of the whole farm!
Peace, Mr. Claus.

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

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