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Okey dokey, then, Santa Clausy! So when do I start my new job? I’m sooo looking forward to running and flying with the reindeer. I know it’s what I was destined to do. I know for sure I was not destined to be Christmas dinner at someone’s house. Eww. Can you imagine me, sitting on the dinner table? I mean, I’d have to headbutt everyone and I’d knock all the vegetables off the table as I sampled each one, and I don’t know, but for sure someone would get a bit upset.

Marty and Santa
Marty and Santa

Anyhow, Santy, it sure is good to be alive.  It’s my first year writing to you and, oh my goodness, do you know how excited I was to actually MEET you last week?  How many little lambs get to actually MEET Santa Clausy.

OK Santy, we talked about this last week but here it is in actual writing.  Can you believe that I’m 8 months old but I can write letters already!?

Santa, first off, I know my friends have asked you for a rake and a broom, but I’m going to ask for a .. drum roll please .. pitchfork! One of ours just broke and another one is SOOO heavy that the kids can’t lift it and another one is SOOO small that the adults can’t use it.  Pitchforks are the mainstay of farm life.  Yes they are.  https://tinyurl.com/pitchfork-for-marty

Now, it’s going to be getting very cold.  When it’s cold our water buckets freeze.  We have a few big heated ones, but I’m not a big guy, so I need a smaller one that I can reach easily.  These buckets are so good and they last a long time, too.  https://tinyurl.com/heated-water-bucket-for-marty Oh – if it’s hard to ship it from Tractor Supply, my mom can go over and pick it up, too.  I love to send her out to do errands for me.

Now to the serious stuff.  Do you know how hard the volunteers work?  And there is heavy stuff around here to carry, like hay bales and straw bales, and big packets of pine shavings for our bedding, and, of course, firewood!  This (900 pound capacity) cart look so amazing and guess what – it is strong enough that I could take rides in it, wheeeee!   https://tinyurl.com/cart-for-marty

This last request you’re going to have to keep as a secret.  See, mom is super fussy about keeping us on healthy diets.  I don’t know why, seeing as how she loves HER cookies … but anyhow, we all love these gingersnaps.  When we are super good and we come to the back door after dinner, we can get them as dessert.  https://tinyurl.com/ginger-snaps-for-marty (hint: you can also get the 3 pack, but don’t tell mom)

I just got my own sponsorship page and if someone really likes me, they can sponsor me and get to visit me and everything. https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/marty/

I hope you have very safe travels, and please don’t forget to save me a space with the reindeer!

Love and smooches,

Marty the lamb
Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841