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So Santa,

We’ve met before and I think I can be frank with you, right? I’m one of those girls who looks absolutely the same as she gets older.  It’s a trick some of us females have and other females just hate us for it. I mean, I look good, right?

I’ve been pretty flexible these last 2 years with TWO NEW HUGE DOGS coming into my house. It’s not easy being the shortest dog here and yet being expected to be in charge of everyone.  Frankly, it’s exhausting.  But I’m holding my ground.  Thing is, one thing isn’t holding and (can I be absolutely honest) that is my pee pee.  A girls gets older and sometimes she just can’t hold it.  I’m taking some medication that helps a bit, but Mom said we need to start putting down pee pads for those nighttime urges when I just don’t want to venture outside. I’m ok with that. Check out these pads – they are pink! My color!  https://tinyurl.com/pee-pads-for-mamie

(look, don’t tell Mom, but sometimes I just pee on things because I like to.  I’ve even peed right into Jethro’s bowl!!!  OMG that was so fun.  But anyhow, that’s different from the night time thing. Totally different.)

This next thing I’m going to ask you for is pretty important. You have to understand the dog dynamics here. See, when I arrived I took over for Ti-gba, the Haitian dog who lived here till she was 14.  She was the Chief Trash Can Dog. I think I did her proud with my efforts. But then Stepanie came along. Stephanie is tall (how dare she). She can just walk right up to that can and pop it open, like those 7′ tall basketball players who don’t even have to reach to dunk a ball.  It’s really unfair. So she’s usurped my position but in the process she’s really messed up our current can.  If you could send us a nice new can https://tinyurl.com/can-for-mamie with some babylocks https://tinyurl.com/cabinet-locks-for-mamie on it (she can’t figure those out, and I know this for a fact!) then I can get some of my power over the trash can back. And our kitchen will be so much neater!

Oh shoot, I promised myself I wouldn’t ask you for anything edible, but darnit, I can’t help myself. I just love Milo’s Meatballs. Just to let you know.  https://tinyurl.com/meatballs-for-mamie

I know I sound like I’m kind of a sassy dog (well, maybe I just am, so there), but I make a terrific sponsor animal.  People can show their friends my picture (as I mentioned before, I think, I’m very good looking and don’t show my age at all), and they can come and give me scratches.  Here is the link where people can do whatever it is they do on those computers! https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/mamie/

Gotta go, Santa, lots to do before you come to visit this Saturday! Kisses,