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MadisonGentlest Santa Claus,

You are a wondrous being. You give happiness and hope to so many, you laugh as though you have no problems in the world, and you bring gifts to those who need them (and, alas, to some who don’t).  We love you at this farm, dear Santa. You never fail us. We have many needs, indeed.  Some are tangible objects.  One is money; we do need money because money buys things like visits from our beloved veterinarian. And we need love.  If I were to ask for one thing from you, dearest Santa, in what may in fact be my last Christmas on earth, it would be that you spread the love to all animals. They need you. They need you to tell humans to care for them.

I am a very elderly sheep, now, Santa. I came to this farm when I sat on the lap of a dear friend. I was but a few weeks old. Now I am almost 21.  Instead of running around with my old friend Bubba, now I mostly rest in the infirmary with Sheila, Herbie, Angel, and my new best friend, the young buck Gilbert.  Gilbert hearkens me back to my youth and he cheers me up every single day.

My needs are few, Mr. Santa, for my life is quiet. But we are running out of this cream which truly helps my legs when it is rubbed on gently and sweetly by our volunteers:  https://tinyurl.com/arthritis-cream-for-madison

I share some needs with my friend Gilbert.  So if you sent these, we could both use them:  elasticon bandages work much better than vet wrap. I have sore hocks because my tendons have fallen in my back legs, and so my feet need to be bandaged every day to make me comfortable walking around: https://tinyurl.com/elasticon-for-gilly
Please don’t laugh, but I also need sanitary napkins. These are used to give me lots of padding on my feet and hocks.  They are very comfortable (here is a cute secret: when Farmer Anne was a child, she used to sneak into her mother’s cabinet and swipe two sanitary napkins to make into slippers – and the tradition continues with me!).  https://tinyurl.com/sanitary-napkins-for-madison

Santa, some of the animals have radios in their barns. We do not have a radio but we dearly love music. I especially love “Santa Claus is coming to town!” https://tinyurl.com/radio-for-madison

Because I am so old, I am prepared to make the great but gentle step in to the beyond where I shall find my old friends Rachel and Brandy and many others. But I’m not ready to go yet, and so I would so very much love a sponsor who would come and give me hugs. I have always loved hugs my entire long life.  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/madison/

I send you my heartfelt greetings from myself and all the others at my beloved farm.


Madison the sheep
Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841