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Heya Sants,

So I managed to kinda spoil Christmas eve here by gettin sick.  Yeah, I know, a really dumb move but what could I do?  You’re sick, you’re sick, know what I mean?

Anyhow, my favorite veterinarian came out yeah, in the cold, yeah, on Christmas Eve, and he fixed me up.  Sure, he did some stuff I don’t wanna talk about too much, like shots and pulling poop out of my bum for a test (man I’ll bet you hate that, too, dontcha, Sants?) but I’m lots better today.  Thing is:  I had to use Farmer Anne’s thermometer for my own self.  She said no way, no how, never ever will she put THAT thermometer in her mouth again.  What, I got germs or somethin? So anyhow, we could use one or two of these guys: they are great because (a) they’re fast so we aren’t standin there forever in a kinda embarassin position, and (b) they’re wide at the end so they can’t get, well, sucked up into our butts.  Yeah that’s not an image you wanted to hear today, is it?  Oh well.  Life on the farm is earthy, ain’t it?  https://tinyurl.com/thermometer-for-leo

So I was put in the barn with the angora goats: I says to them, I says, look, I’m sorry to invade your space guys, but the boss says I gotta be here where it’s warmer, aright? So what I noticed was this:  it was too quiet.  I mean, there were no tunes playin.  Up in the other barn we got a radio goin.  Everybody needs tunes, even those old goats. https://tinyurl.com/radio-for-leo

Now here is a practical thing, and I’m gonna have to tell you about another bodily function of mine.  Yeah, it’s my feet.  See, I’m a Boer goat.  We do really well in hot, dry places, but this place ain’t neither hot nor dry.  So our feets can get some problems. This stuff, well you put some on my feets once in a while and they feel all better. https://tinyurl.com/la-200-for-leo

So not to toot my own horn or nothin, but you can get your Very Own Leo Ornament in our shop. Act now, while supplies last!  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/carved-ornaments/

Santa, I used to be kindofa thug.  Yan know, I used to like to head butt people, specially visitors who seemed kinda nervous around me.  Juvenile delinquent, I was back then, but I learned that just ain’t cool, so now I’m really lovey-dovey and I want to you send me a sponsor who will come and love on me.  Okay?  Okay, cool. https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/leo/

Sants, it’s been real and sorry I couldn’t wave to ya last night when you flew by, but I was kinda otherwise occupied, if you know what I mean.  You’re the best, Sants, my man!

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