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Hello Santa Claus!

My name is Jefro (I can’t say “th” because I had some of my teef taken out a while back).  Have you lost any of your teef? It’s not so bad, food still tastes just as good, teef or no teef.

Santa, today vey told me I was ve FIRST ANIMAL to get to write to you vis year. I started dancing up and down (I dance by moving one front leg up and ven ven over, in a sort of rhyvm while I make woofing noises (but I say vem more like vis:  “ooff, ooff, ooff.”) Santa, did you know vat my mom decided to figure out what key I bark in? I don’t have a wide range of bark; in fact, I can only bark on one note and vat note is:  C.  I bark in ve key of C.  Fank goodness. I don’t know how I would deal wif all vose sharps and flats.

OK, so Santa, I have been such a good dog vis year.  Except all ve barking. But barking is useful.  Barking is my job.  Barking is my CALLING.

I’m always cheerful, I don’t chew on shoes, and I don’t start fights. I decorate ve front porch and let ve whole neighborhood know when a sheep is passing by.  I’ve been told vat is a very useful job.

I’d like to ask you for a few fings, please. First, could you please send me a new bed? Mine got half eaten by Stephanie.  I like it ok, and it’s nice and flat (I can’t climb up very well on big beds), but mom says it’s stinky and falling apart.  Vat’s true. You know dogs don’t mind stinky, but mom said I’d love vis new bed. https://tinyurl.com/bed-for-jefro

Second, I shed a lot.  I shed all ve time. 365 days a year.  I used to itch all over and scratch all my hair off, and when I arrived here I was partly bald.  But I got medicine to stop ve itching and before I knew it, I became ve hairiest dog on ve farm. And vat is somefing to be very proud of! But … it feels good to brush out all vat undercoat. https://tinyurl.com/comb-for-jefro

Finally, Santa, please ask someone to sponsor me. If vey send ve farm a gift of $100 and say it’s for me, ven vey will get a splendid glossy photograph of me, a biography (my story is very interesting), a certificate, AND vey can come and visit me. https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/jethro/

Vese free fings will make me very very happy.  Fank you Santa!  Ooff Ooff!

Jefro (Jethro)
Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

P.S. My nickname is “Fro Fro”.  You can call me vat if you want.