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HopkinsYo hey, Santa!  Hopkins here.  I’ve waited a long time to write to you. This time last year my life was truly grim. I had to make my way in the streets, trying to find safe corners away from the cold wind of Baltimore to rest. I got into some fights, and one of them cost me my right eye. After that it was harder to keep myself safe.  At night I’d hear guns going off, and once there was a pack of dogs that found their way to my block. I thought I was toast. But a beautiful woman who lived nearby saved me and brought me here.

Santa, I hang out in the non-dog part of the house – in the rabbit headquarters and Farmer Anne’s office.  Sometimes I walk all over Farmer Anne’s computer keyboard. I like typing. And I like her office – the sun comes streaming in in the morning.  Right now I’ve taken over one of the many boxes in there (she’s not particularly tidy… we’ll just keep that between ourselves, yeah?).  But I’d really prefer to sit right up in the window.  How’s about sending me one of these très cool window hammocks? (Check out the zebra striped one!) https://tinyurl.com/window-hammock-for-hopkins

Does your missus make you go on diets? Because, see, I’ve developed quite a belly since I’ve been here.  I am not outside running away from dogs and guns anymore, so I guess that’s why.  But gee, they are saying I need diet food.  How embarrassing.  Still, I did some research and these foods look like they’d be pretty tasty. https://tinyurl.com/canned-food-for-hopkins

And say, if I’m going to get this new-fangled food, how’s about a snazzy bin to store it in?  I mean, check this out – it’s amazing: https://tinyurl.com/cool-food-bin-for-hopkins

Oh man, don’t think I’m greedy but there is one more thing I thought I should mention and I SWEAR I’ll share it with the other cats. It’s this:  https://tinyurl.com/cat-scratch-board-for-hopkins  Now, this is the type I’ve tried but if you have suggestions for something better, I’m all claws!

I’m done.  No, I swear I’m done now. Except… could you send a sponsor?  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/hopkins/

This has been an amazing conversation, Santa.


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