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Alora, my dear San Nicola,

Here I am a one and only horse on this farm right here in this state of Maryland.  Il mio migliore amico, my best friend Salvo, he died earlier this year and just about a broke my heart. I really made a scene in the grand Italian style. It was very drammatico.  Salvo, he saved a my life in the auction house. He was everything to me.  Era tutto, tutto, capisce? Pfui, now I am left with that llama who pesters me all day. He is a clown, that one, and he thinks he is a stronger than me, but I tell you, I can walk right up and take his food any time I like.  Che cosa! At the same a time, he saved a my life when Salvo died.  He made a me laugh and run and he was so, so irritante that I had to forget my sadness. 

Certamente I would like another horse to be with, because the donkey, you see, she also thinks a she is better than  me.  It is a truly epidemia terribile at this farm, everyone so confident and proud. I tell you this: every a single one of them came from the humble places, just a like me. Every a one of them was broken when they came here. Haha and now – all right, infatti they may be happy, yes they may and how meraviglioso, how wonderful.

San Nicola, please may I ask you for some items for the farm and myself? I know that our sweet blind sheep (he still stays humble, che Dio lo benedica) asked a for these, but I, as a half blind horse, need them even more: we need more lights a on the farm.  I have a the trouble to walk around at night because my vision is only 50%. Here are the very eccellente movement lights that we need – and several of them, per piacere:
Battery-powered lights: https://tinyurl.com/lights-for-ray
Solar-powered lights: https://tinyurl.com/solar-powered-lights-for-ray

And please, the lead ropes, they are like a the ballpoint pens. They are here and then they disappear.  We like a the very bright ones – they are easier to find! http://tinyurl.com/lead-rope-for-bruno

Also, we need the forks to pick up my, eh, you see, the things I do after I eat, you understand? I like a the clean barn.  http://tinyurl.com/stall-fork-for-bruno

San Nicola, I see that a few of the people they have sponsored me- I LOVE this.  I would love MORE.  We can have an Italian festival for Bruno the handsome horse!  Il Festival del bel cavallo!  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/bruno/

Many many thanks to you and your signora and all of the elves!

Distinti saluti, ciao ciao San Nicola!

Bruno the Handsome Horse
Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841