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Dear dear Santa Claus,

It is Angel here, and I surely did not know I would walk upon the earth for this long.  They used to call me “the bumblebee” because I could never stay at one feeding station for more than a minute or two.  I’d have to hop from bowl to bowl to bowl just little a little bee.  Plus, one year I dressed up as a bumblebee for Halloween.  I’m 15 years old now, and I came here when I was just 3.  I was a “petting zoo sheep” but my owners said they could not afford my feed anymore so I was going to go to the auction.  Do you know what, Santa?  This happens to a lot of sheep.  And some humans don’t realize how it breaks our hearts and our spirits. We are flock animals, which means we bond with our flock – our WHOLE flock, and that includes humans, even when they might be better off being sent off to market themselves.  Hmph.

Well anyhow Santa, sorry to get all serious on you, but this time of year is not always happy cheery dancy for everyone. Santa, I spend most of my time now in the “infirmary” area, which really is the animal version of “assisted living”.  It’s ok because we get much nicer hay and special food twice a day, and we’re checked on much more often than the “general population” folks. Sometimes it’s boring, and I ask to go out and mingle again with my old buddies. But I do need a soft and safe place to rest at night and I need my special meals.

Santa, for many years now I’ve suffered from a very annoying nose problem.  Many vets have seen me, looked at my blood, put me under x-ray machines, but the only thing they could say was “allergies”.  My nose needs regular wiping and I need a bit of help blowing it sometimes. It is embarrassing.  I used to have the most beautiful, sculpted, pristine sheep nose.  Now I need constant wiping. I would be so much happier with a few inexpensive products to make this easier and possibly clean my nose better.  First, a pure saline nasal spray.  This will help with the dryness in the nostrils (this time of year, you know, everyone’s mucous membranes dry out!  You should pick up a set for yourself, too, Santa). http://tinyurl.com/nasal-spray-for-angel

Next, PLEASE tell them to stop using the blasted paper towels.  Have you ever blown your nose on a paper towel? I’ve seen Farmer Anne do it, but she seems to have rhinocerous skin or something.  She also goes out in T-shirts in freezing weather.  But don’t even get me started about her.  Please please send me these nice soft kleenexes: http://tinyurl.com/nose-wipes-for-angel  They are thicker than regular kleenex but don’t have any lotions or chemicals and are made for babies.

Now that we’ve treated the symptoms, let’s go to addressing the causes! As I said, the vets have really not been able to do much for my condition, but my Internet research (we don’t have the best wifi out in the barn, but it does the trick in a pinch) says that dried echinacea is marvelous for sheep with nose problems.  I suppose it goes to helping our immune system.  I will gladly eat it sprinkled on my feed and it will help my friend Madison, too, since he eats with me and is EVEN OLDER than me, if such a thing is possible!  http://tinyurl.com/echinacea-for-angel

And probiotics are important, too. They help the tummy work correctly, and with a sheep, the tummy is everything. Now, Santa, you might remember that I am quite a cookie lover! GUESS WHAT!? They actually make probiotic cookies!  http://tinyurl.com/probios-cookies-for-angel  I promise I’ll share with my friends. Even Sheila, although it’s funny, she doesn’t seem to like cookies nearly as much as the rest of us. Hmmm. Strange girl.

Santa, I do feel cheerier having written to you and knowing that you will help me and my pretty little nose feel better!  Please also send me a sponsor! I am a good sheep to sponsor because I’m small and nice to take photographs with (just wipe my nose first, please!).  https://shop.stargazingfarm.org/product/angel/

Thank you Santa Claus!


Star Gazing Farm
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Boyds, MD 20841