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Dear St. Nicholas,

DuckiesI’m not on the official list. Just needed to be up front about my status.  But I take my role seriously and so I managed to bully my way through the line because I’m here to speak up for the waterfowl!  I now have four duckies in my care and I take their protection to heart.  They are Waddle, Weeble, Wobble and Howie. We need new pools.  We swim all the time.  Our pools have taken a beating and we only have one left that is really decent – and handyman Dave has even patched that up!

Nick (can I call you that?  I prefer to be on informal terms with people), I’m not always the nicest goose but for some reason people still like me.  If anyone even looks at me the wrong way I chaaarrge and bite.  One time I got Farmer Anne’s ear and wouldn’t get go.  OOOHEE you should have heard what she had to say.  Anyhow.  (It was funny).  But I’m a good guardian and honestly I’m extremely nice to look at.

Other than a pool I don’t have a whole lot to ask for, except that I like whole corn and these treats look really yummy:  https://tinyurl.com/quackers-for-wall-e  We also have tried these before and they are really good! https://tinyurl.com/grains-for-wall-e

We’d really like someone to come and dig a pond for us, but that’s a big project.  Do you own a backhoe, Nick?

Santa, I’m a goose of few words. I think I’ve said everything I had on my mind.  Pools.  Treats.  Pond.  Yep.

If someone wants to sponsor me, they should go here: https://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ but have them put in Louie the goose and make a note in the comments that it’s for ME.  Don’t have them select George. George is a jerk. But Louie will tell me if something comes in for me.

OK, ciao for now, Nick old boy!