George and Billy

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Dear Santie Clausito,

Me and George

I am Billy and I’m with my bestest friend George.  We are chinchillas. We are the bestest chinchillitas that ever were!  We are cute and soft and can flyyy through the air.  I’m a young guy, and George is older but he acts young just like me.  He likes dust baths more than me, and he bites people (softly) sometimes if they try to pet him.  I like being petted.  My favorite thing to do is to sit in people’s hair.

We are kind of messy guys.  Well, we’re guys, sabes? So we need people to clean up after us a lot.  Mucho cleaning, <hee hee>.  Could you please get us some of these gloves?  They are good for people to wear when they pick up all of our little pooplitos.

Now Santa, we like to eat dry foods, dried herbs, and hay.  But Dios mio, our tin that keeps our hay fresh is so old and beat up. It looks like it belongs in a junk yard.  I’m pretty good at looking up things on the Internet and I found a Great Deal (¡una gran oferta!) on this big tin.  It is shiny and new and the lid will close properly (goats had some dance parties on top of the lid we are using right now so it’s all bent up):

We really like our dried treats.  Sometimes people get us these great treats but there isn’t enough storage space for them!  We like these glass jars:  They are pretty and they keep everything so fresh (and away from the teeth of wandering rabbits).

Well Santa, you might not know this but my name is shockingly missing from the list of animals who can be sponsored!  But George is there.  I can also be sponsored.  But right now the web site is all messy (like we are messy <hee hee>) and can’t be updated.  If you want to have someone sponsor us, they just need to select “George” and in a note, say if they want to sponsor him or me, or both of us, los dos!

OK Santie, we have to go now!


Billy and George