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mariaMy dear Santa Claus,

My name is Maria.  I am a cat.  I am the most beautiful cat on the farm, no matter what Evelyn says.  I am everywhere at once.  I protect the farm from incursions of other cats, but I also love a good nap on the sofa. Santa, I’ve been at this farm for quite a few years now. My sisters Evelyn and Tabitha and I were born in a barn to a mom who got herself in the family way without first ascertaining if the gentleman was prepared to help her care for the babies (he was a louse and took off). We are by birth farm cats.  By nature we are noble.  Except Evelyn.

I’m such a good cat, Santa.  But I know you can tell if we’ve been naughty or nice – is it naughty to defend myself if Evelyn wants to fight with me? I know, I started some of them… But she’s just such a prissy cat, so holier than thou, when I am the beauty of the family. Right?  Am I right?

For months everything went fine, but lately we’ve gotten into more skirmishes than usual.  I have some scratches and, well, yes, probably she does too.  We could use some nice creams for our war wounds.  This one and some good old fashioned neosporin and some nice wipes would be just the ticket for us brawling gals.

We could stand to have some kitty treats, too.  I found these and they are a mixture of crunchy and soft.  YUM!

As you can see, I’m an extremely elegant cat and I am ever present. Evelyn?  She disappears when the guests come.  How rude is that?  Me, I’m happy to greet guests so I’m a terrific candidate for a sponsor, don’t you think?

OK Santa Claus, I will close this letter now and just to remind you to please take care of all the kitty cats who are out on the streets.  They need extra special help this year from you.