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Dear Santa Claus,

Yet another year goes by and I’m still old.  You still old, too?  Uh-hunh, we’re both old, so let’s break out the whisky!  Oh, now, don’t be shocked. Old ladies like to have fun, too.  You know, Santa, I was kept in that dark, dark basement in the barn for so long, I thought I’d never see the sunlight again. I remember every time they’d open that big old door and some sun would come in, I’d just want to yell and run out.  But I was too small to knock anyone over.  Thank goodness my terrible situation was discovered and I could come here.  I just love being outside in the sun, the rain, oh I don’t care!

Now Santa, I need to tell you that while it’s all fine and good that you sent Jean-Claude his radio so he could listen to his la-de-da Chopin, I’m more of a blues girl myself. He’s an annoying one, that fancy froof.

Well Santa, I’ve been a good alpaca this year. I’m polite to everyone and have made friends with a few people who accept me for myself – a short, old lady who is particular about the company she keeps! I do confess I’m forgetful sometimes.  I honestly can’t fathom how dinnertime and breakfast time roll around so fast, and I just can’t figure out what to do.  I hear this word “Alzheimers” shouted sometimes as they call me.  I wonder if they have forgotten my name is not Alzheimer but Senna?  What do you think?

My needs are simple. I have a very nice coat for winter, I have good soft food every day, and my dear friend Marguerite for company.  (Just quietly, though, she spits on my sometimes). Well now, but we have these lovely bowls, but the dogs have chewed on some of them.  Or maybe the horses stepped on them, what do I know? But a brand new bowl just for me (I like hot pink) would be just the ticket!  I might even share it with Madison, the sheep.  He’s nearly as old as I am (I’m 24 and he is 19!) so we understand each other.

Please don’t laugh, but sometimes we alpacas are prone to a kind of very tiny mite – it makes us lose our hair in some spots and, well, yes, we look ridiculous.  Marguerite doesn’t have it, but as I’ve aged, I’ve started to get some outbreaks.  It’s not so hard to treat – we just need to have our hairless areas sprayed with this Frontline spray  I know, I know it says it’s for dogs. But it’s the absolute best thing for treating this somewhat embarrassing skin condition.  I would so like it if we could keep it on hand for this little problem I have.

Here are other things I like!

  • Goatsnax treats
  • Chopped orchard grass forage
  • Fig newtons.  Oh my, I love the fig newtons!  They are soft and my old teeth can handle them very well.

Santa, I know I am old.  I know that I will not live forever. I hope very much that you will help the farm find another alpaca in need (a girl, please) who could keep my dear Auntie Marguerite company.  We both survived the basement trauma together, and I understand her very well.  She is a little standoffish, and she kicks some people and she spits at times – but she has a good heart and she is a loyal, loyal companion.  Also, if you would please ask someone to sponsor me, it will make me feel good and it will help my sweet farm who cares for me and my needs by making my special soft mash food every day. Thank you!

Love ya,