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Ho ho ho!  Santa, I just love this time of year! I like the colder weather (it makes me frisky!), I like the extra soft hay that we get.  I like the little lights we put up around the farm that make everything twinkle.  I like wearing my extremely fashionable black jacket you arranged to have given to me last year.  Most of all, I love that we can write to you.  It’s so nice to know that someone kind is out there listening to what animals really want. I don’t like to think about it too much, but sometimes the contrast between my old life and what I live now is just too much to bear.  Santa, I was thrown away.  I was sent to the auction house because I was “no use” anymore. I had fractured my ankle and lost the vision in my left eye.  Who wants a horse like that?  No one, that’s who. It was very crowded and hot at the auction.  It was noisy and frightening. Men stuck numbers on our hips.  We were used goods for sale.  I got startled all the time because I could not see anything on my left.

But by some miracle, I was transported out of there with Salvo, who right away became my friend and protector.  It has taken me a few years to trust the humans at this farm. But now I know that they use soft hand strokes on my neck, tell me I’m handsome.  They take care of my feet, give me soft bedding to lie in, fresh clean water, and they even clean my toilet every day!  How can I even ask for more?

The other animals told me I need to ask you to help us, though. Paying for our hay and feed is hard and the humans are always scrambling to make sure that we never go without.

Santa, I’m already 17 years old and Salvo is 27 which is getting up there, if you know what I mean.  As we get older we need more supplements.  Did you know there are actually treats that have things that are good for us? We think this treat package would be wonderful for both of us – they are good for our digestion.  And this type of treat actually helps our joints.

I’ve been having more trouble with my bad eye.  I will have to see an equine ophthalmologist next month. You see, the eye is shrinking and my third eyelid is starting to push out which causes goop to come out of my eye.  I really hope the bill will not be too high, but if someone or some several someones would sponsor me, it would help to pay this specialist.

In the meantime, these wipes would feel nice on my skin and would be nicer than paper towels or napkins.

Oh, could I ask for one more thing?  Please?  I don’t have a really comfy halter that is all my own.  Mine broke ages ago (it was Jean-Claude’s fault, I’m sure of it) so I have to borrow Salvo’s.  This very snazzy halter would not only be soft on my nose, but it would match my nice winter coat.

Oh oops, there one more final final thing. Could you puleeeze do something about Falkor and Jean-Claude? They pester me whenever I’m just trying to steal a bit of food from Salvo . Why, they rush right in front of me as though there weren’t a line.  It’s so rude. Please, please send them the Miss Manners book for livestock.  Thank you!

Meeerrrry Christmas to you, Santa Claus!