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Oh well hello there Santa!

I was just taking a snooze in the sun, that being my favorite hobby.  You may notice the extreme cleanliness of my fur.  That is because I am an immaculate cat.  I spend most of my time outdoors but I bathe frequently!  Now don’t get the wrong impression – I’m frequently invited indoors but I prefer the fresh air.  I also have a job to do.  You see, there are thugs who try to invade our territory.  I fiercely defend the farm and make sure that no undesirables make their way onto our land!

Santa, I need to speak with you about my crockery. They have been feeding me in ‘whatever the dogs don’t use.’  May I just say that I don’t appreciate the hand-me-down philosophy.  I have been doing some reading, and have found that it is far preferable for cats to eat at a slightly elevated height. This is not only functional, it’s in my color  https://tinyurl.com/bowl-for-evelyn

I’m quite a fan of hammocks.  In the summer, I make myself comfortable in the sunsails.  However, most of those have been taken down (or Stephanie has chewed them up).  This one could be put outside right on top of my condo and I could soak in the sun!  https://tinyurl.com/hammock-for-evelyn

You may not know this, but I have been diagnosed with a heart murmur.  I have to take medication twice a day, and it would be much easier (and more pleasant) if the little pill could be put in a tasty treat pocket like this! https://www.chewy.com/greenies-pill-pockets-feline-tuna/dp/183512

Santa, did you know that when people sponsor us animals, it actually really helps to pay for all the things we need?  It’s a donation, so it’s tax-deductible and honest to goodness, it helps us so much.  I would love a sponsor, Santa. Please find a cat lover who would like to be my special person.  https://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Thank you and Godspeed!